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Layer up your winter style!

The first thing to know about layering up is to find the perfect balance.
Sometimes layering can look too much bulk on your upper half, that’s why the best ways

are to balance it out. This trick can be achieved thanks to skinny jeans.
These bottoms are versatile, slim and functional.

When layering up your style, it is important to understand
the different layers to create the perfect winter look.

For the upper half, 2 to 3 layers of clothing will be ideal
to elevate the style and to stay warm.

1st STEP:

Pick a shirt or a turtleneck as the base of the layering. At the end of the look, bear in mind that you will end up seeing the collar or the sleeve only.

2nd STEP

Sweaters and cardigans are ideal options for a second layering. It is the most interesting part of the styling as the colours and textures usually set the tone/mood of the look. Most women tend to wear darker colours for this part.

It is recommended to choose something vibrant with texture or pattern
that will combine style and warmth

3rd STEP

To complete this look, opt for a blazer, biker or jacket.
This is the most exposed part of the outfit and completes
the layering up.  Choose something cozy and fashionable
to add a modern twist to the look.

Get fashionable for this winter and stay warm!